Well folks, at the risk of sounding a little self-absorbed, I am going to take a few minutes to pat myself on the back: I have finally taken the leap into the world of video blogging.

Granted, this is my first attempt at communicating bankruptcy topics on camera and, in all honesty, the most I am expecting is a pat on the head saying “nice try.” However I would bet that watching a video on filing for bankruptcy protection, no matter how amateur it appears, still has advantages over reading bankruptcy blog posts. Besides, practice makes perfect, no?

Without further ado, below is my first bankruptcy video:

Can I Keep My Car in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

So, there you have it. A mighty fine bankruptcy video starring, produced and directed by no other than yours truly, an experienced Phoenix and Tucson bankruptcy lawyer. For more information about filing for bankruptcy in Arizona, or to schedule a free consultation with a local bankruptcy attorney, feel free to contact me.