I have to say, video blogging on bankruptcy law topics isn’t for amateurs. That’s not to say I am an amateur when it comes to filing for bankruptcy protection. In fact, at the risk of ringing my own bell, I consider myself a pretty darn good bankruptcy lawyer – the best, really. Just ask any of my Phoenix, Casa Grande, or Tucson bankruptcy clients.

However, a quick trip to Fry’s Electronics does not a video blogger make. Oh well, practice makes perfect. And, despite any problems I may have with audio editing and effective lighting, I think these videos serve their purpose: to provide Arizona bankruptcy debtors with accurate and readily available information pertaining to filing for bankruptcy protection.

That being said, I present you with video #2:

I Have Been Served with a Lawsuit, Now What? Will My Wages Get Garnished? Do I Need To File Bankruptcy?

Often times, it is the threat of an impending lawsuit that first brings clients into my office. Formal service regarding a suit against you is downright scary. Many clients have little past experienced with official court documents, and are not sure what practical consequences a lawsuit will have. Are their assets at risk? Can their wages be garnished? Is a response necessary? What is a default judgement? While I have blogged on this subject before, my thoughts are now more accessible in this concise bankruptcy video. Enjoy!