Is your house about to go into foreclosure? Is your car or vehicle going to be repossessed? Are your wages about to be garnished? Will an Emergency Bankruptcy Filing Help?

Emergency bankruptcy filings are often used to prevent or stop a foreclosure, repossession, or garnishment. In non-emergency bankruptcy situations, the client gets to review the entire petition prior to it being filed with the court. In an emergency bankruptcy filing, only a few pages of the petition are filed and the remaining paperwork is due within a short period of time thereafter. Emergency bankruptcy filings carry the additional risk of rigid deadlines that if not met can lead to dismissal. An experienced Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer or qualified Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer should be consulted when filing an emergency bankruptcy petition.

When filing an emergency bankruptcy petition, the attorney and client need to weigh the risks of filing the paperwork in the emergency format against the loss of property that has or may be foreclosed upon, repossessed, or garnished. If it is not absolutely necessary to file an emergency petition most bankruptcy attorneys would agree that it is not worth the risk. The experienced bankruptcy attorneys at Ariano & Associates will thoroughly advise and prepare you for the risks involved in an emergency bankruptcy filing.

Emergency Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and Emergency Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Phoenix, Tucson, Casa Grande, and Prescott Arizona.

The bankruptcy attorneys at Ariano & Associates, PLLC try to be on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergency bankruptcy filings. We offer free in person or phone consultations and are flexible to meet your emergency filing needs. In addition, our online chat and click to have an attorney call features on the website make communicating with our attorneys extremely convenient.

One of the major problems with filing an emergency bankruptcy petition is coming up with the bankruptcy legal fees and filing fees. Our firm offers discount bankruptcy fees that allow you to have the benefit of an experienced bankruptcy attorney at an affordable rate. Most firms charge significant fees for emergency filings. Ariano & Associates, PLLC offers low cost bankruptcy fees that make filing an emergency bankruptcy financial feasible. Due to our low costs and careful selection of clients, we are able to offer discount bankruptcy legal fees without sacrificing service. You will have the assurance of knowing that you are being represented by one of the best bankruptcy lawyers in the Phoenix, Tucson, Casa Grande, and Prescott.