One of the worst aspects about being in debt are the constant calls from angry creditors and debt collectors asking you for their money. They are persistent and may even call every day. It’s an anxiety-inducing burden to avoid phone calls because it could be one of them.

If you’ve gotten to this point, sometimes the only thing that simultaneously stops creditors from calling and eases your financial strain is filing for bankruptcy. Coming to talk to an experienced Phoenix bankruptcy attorney is an important first step at getting these annoying guys off your back.

Once you file for bankruptcy, you are given what’s called an automatic stay. This means debt collectors and creditors are prohibited from harassing you for money and taking additional action against you. I know for many people this alone reduces their stress significantly.

The answer to the question about whether creditors can keep calling you after a bankruptcy is a flat out no. Nevertheless, even though they should not call you after a bankruptcy, some simply don’t follow the rules.

There have been a number of cases in which angry creditors keep calling, garnishing your wages and harassing you even after the automatic stay. Sometimes it’s possible they don’t know about your bankruptcy case, so they need be informed about the automatic stay. If they know and are still bothering, it’s actually against the law.

By contacting your bankruptcy attorney, they can be fined and even prosecuted for punitive damages. So, if you’re being intimidated by creditors and are drowning in debt, consider getting some much welcomed relief today.