As an Arizona bankruptcy lawyer, I try my darndest to provide potential bankruptcy debtors with as much information about filing for bankruptcy protection as they can stomach. I am pretty lucky to possess such a specialized knowledge base, and feel it is my duty to share it with those that could use it.

Though the information is out there, floating around this vast thing we call the internet, I am not sure that it is readuly accessible to those that need it. In an attempt to increase accessibility and organize my most popular bankruptcy blog posts, I have organized them in a list. Below you will find the top 5 bankuptcy blog posts of August 2011:

  1. Life After Bankruptcy: The Perspective of a Phoenix Bankruptcy Attorney – Your paperwork is complete and you have attended your 341 hearing. All that is left is to wait for your discharge. This article describes what to expect after filing for bankruptcy protection.
  2. How Long Does Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Take? – Once you have made the decision to file for bankruptcy protection, it can feel like an eternity to complete the process. This article describes the usual timeline associated with chapter 7 bankruptcy.
  3. Statute of Limitations on Debt Collection – If you are hounded by past debts, this article may be of interest. Here you will learn the statute of limitations associated with old debts.
  4. Home Buyer Tax Credit and Bankruptcy – What happens to the Home Buyer Tax Credit in bankruptcy is an emerging topic that hasn’t yet been fully appreciated. Due to the recent decline in Arizona home prices, expect to see this topic increase in popularity.
  5. What Happens if I Don’t Pay My Creditors: Judgment, Levy, Garnishment – This article decribes what happens when you do not pay your bills. Can your creditor take your wages? Your savings? Can they sue you? Find answers to these questions and more in the above blog post.

There you have it – easy as pie. My 5 most popular bankruptcy law articles, as indicated by the fine folks at google analytics. For more information on any of the 5 topics above, or those not mentioned, don’t hesitate to contact me to schedule a free bankruptcy consultation.

Oh, and as an aside, does all this talk about the number 5 have anyone else channeling sesame street? Perhaps my nephews are rubbing off on me, but (much to the dismay of my partner) I have a feeling I will be humming this little toon for the next few hours: