If you are currently filing for bankruptcy protection, I have some good news: you are not alone. In addition to the thousands of Americans who are currently facing similar financial hardship, some very recognizable names are in your company. (Yes, even bigger than Teresa and Joe Guidice.) Without further ado, I present to you the biggest individual bankruptcies in history:

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Now, before I get too distracted, I have to give thanks to friend, colleague and fellow bankruptcy lawyer Brian Dault. I first stumbled upon this gem on his bankruptcy blog and any credit should be sent his way. Thank you, Mr. Dault.

The reason I decided to share it with you is two-fold. First, I simply find it pretty darn interesting. The next time your at a cocktail, quiz the crowd as to what Donalt Trump, Mike Tyson and Henry Ford have in common. I bet ‘bankruptcy’ won’t be a top answer. (disclaimer: I am not responsible for any disturbing or inappropriate answers given…they are your friends, not mine)

Second, I simply want to stress the often overlooked point that bankruptcy and future financial success are not mutually exclusive. Don’t believe me? Just ask the Donald.